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  • Men's Rights Activists: THIS IS NOT FAIR. MEN HAVE PROBLEMS TOO.
  • Black Men: We're constantly demonized by mainstream media and are targets of police brutality.
  • Gay Men: We face discrimination and hatred and are denied marriage and job security.
  • Trans Men: We are outcasts and are denied medical care, our lives are constantly under threat and our gender is always under scrutiny and policed by others.
  • Men's Rights Activist: ....
  •  ...
  •  ...
  •  ...
  • Men's Right Activist: Y-Yeah, but... a Feminist was mean to me...
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i dont think my friends understand. when i say my room is messy i dont mean “cute” messy where i have a jacket hanging here and there i mean messy as in fuckin trash island where garbage citizens hold elections over who will become the next trash overlord it’s fuckin gross

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"im tired of seeing posts about Ferguson" yeah well im tired of white cops killing black people so

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the idea of harry potter not only straddling two worlds between him (the british wizarding world and the british muggle world) but also being met at each end by two entirely different systems of historical dehumanization/subjugation (with harry on one hand being…

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3D Audio of Mama by My Chemical Romance (Requested)

What is 3D sound?

3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. This frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.

Only works with headphones/earphones

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Didn’t really expect Zuko to be a no-factor in S3, but he’s still the man.
Old Zuko, by Angelique.


Didn’t really expect Zuko to be a no-factor in S3, but he’s still the man.

Old Zuko, by Angelique.

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"Everything in this series has been about how people keep saying "the world doesn’t need an Avatar, the world doesn’t need an Avatar, the world doesn’t need an Avatar,” and now… I’m thinking maybe she thinks it too.” [x]

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Creators Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, and their team of writers have never shied away from giving Korra disruptive character flaws and serious obstacles to overcome, unlike many who load heroines with acceptable peccadilloes like shyness or clumsiness. Korra is brash and impulsive and recklessly independent. Much of the online chatter over season two was made up of fans (foolishly) bemoaning her actions as ridiculous and frustrating. Of course they were. She’s a 17-year-old god-in-training whose only consistent social interaction has come from her polar bear dog.
— Juliet Kahn, Comics Alliance (Review)
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